GRA-7350TC 3/8-24 3/8" x24 CB HF 3.5MHz 7-30MHz/50MHz Broadband Telescopic Portable Ham Amateur Mobile Radio Antenna

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Antenna Radio
Color Black, Silver
Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum Range 336 Meters
Item Dimensions LxWxH 102.3 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches

Flexible and Portable Antenna for Versatile Use


  • The GRA-7350TC/7350T antenna is a flexible and portable solution for a wide range of applications.
  • With the ability to tune between 7 and 54 MHz and extended 3.5MHz coil parts, this antenna can handle a variety of frequencies.
  • It is made with lightweight, high-quality materials, and can be set up easily for use in any location. Whether you're out hiking, camping, or traveling to a new location, the GRA-7350TC/7350T is the perfect antenna to take with you.

Versatile Antenna for Outdoor Adventures


  • TheGRA-7350TC/7350T is a versatile antenna that is perfect for outdoor adventures.
  • It is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities. With the ability to tune to a wide range of frequencies, including the extended 3.5MHz coil parts, this antenna is perfect for the ham radio operator on-the-go.
  • Whether you're trying to make contacts on a mountaintop or a remote island, the GRA-7350TC/7350T is the perfect antenna for the job.

Easy to Adjust and Tune Antenna for All Experience Levels


  • The GRA-7350TC/7350T antenna is easy to adjust and tune, making it a great choice for ham radio operators of all experience levels.
  • Tuning is accomplished by moving a solid tap on the inner coil, and the frequency can be adjusted by moving the coil part up or down. With a low SWR, this antenna is efficient and easy to tune, making it perfect for those who are new to the hobby or those who are looking for a more straightforward tuning process.

Durable and Reliable Antenna for Long-Term Use


  • The GRA-7350TC/7350T is a durable and reliable antenna that is designed to last for many years of use.
  • It is made with high-quality materials, including a top retractable part made of stainless steel and a bottom made of lightweight and flexible FRP.
  • This antenna is strong and sturdy, suitable for all kinds of outdoor occasions. Additionally, the antenna has a max power rating of 130W SSB, ensuring that it can handle high power output with ease.
  • Whether you're using this antenna for portable or fixed use, it's sure to provide reliable performance for years to come.

GRA-7350TC/7350T Product Specification

Frequency:3.5MHz 7-30/50MHz Band

Max. Power rating:130W (SSB) Impedance:50Ω

Length:approx.2.6m (Max)

Weight: 494g(with 3.5MHz part), 336g(without 3.5MHz part)

Connector: 3/8x24、UHF/SO239

Type:1/4 wave reduced type (HF Band),1/4 wave (50MHz)

Features & details

  • The antenna is divided into three sections. Includes extended 3.5MHz coil parts. The top retractable part is made of high-quality stainless steel. Made of FRP at the bottom.
  • This ham radio antenna is light and portable. At the same time, it is strong and durable. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor occasions.
  • Compact and lightweight portable antenna for 3.5 to 54 MHz. The antenna is tuned by moving a solid tap on the inner coil. Because the antenna has reasonabley low SWR an ATU is not necessary in most cases.
  • This is very convenient and practical when this antenna is set up in GRA-ULT01 MK2.

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