Roborock Dyad Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum with Dual Self-Cleaning Systems, Adaptive Cleaning, Voice Alerts, 180° Rotating Cleaning Head, Built for Wet and Dry Dirt - Remanufactured

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Brand Roborock
Special Feature Wet/Dry, DyadPower System, Edge-to-Edge Cleaning, Dual Self-Cleaning Systems, 180° Rotating Cleaning Head
Filter Type Washable
Included Components Dock, Maintenance Brush, Power Supply, Filter
Is Cordless? Yes


Surface Recommendation
Power Source
Battery Powered
Item Weight
5 Kilograms
  • DyadPower System. With dual roller motors and a multi-roller cleaning head, the Roborock Dyad Wet/Dry Vacuum vanquishes wet and dry stains easily, leaving floors dry and clean.
  • Effective Edge-to-Edge Cleaning. The unique combination of a full-length front roller with the two rear rollers brings cleaning power right to the edge of the brush head. You can clean right into the edges of walls with a single stroke.
  • Dual Self-cleaning Systems. Brushes clean themselves as you clean the floor, so you never rub a dirty brush on clean floors. After cleanup, the brushes wash themselves once more, ready to go again.
  • Adaptive Cleaning. Onboard sensors detect how much dirt is being cleaned and automatically adjust water flow and suction power to give you maximum cleaning with minimum work. Wash floors thoroughly with simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, giving you cleaner floors with minimum effort.
  • Agile Cleaning Head. The head effortlessly flicks up to 180°, making it easy to clean around table legs, chair legs, and other obstacles. Counter rotating rollers also mean you can push and pull using just one finger.


Keep Cleaning Longer

Dyad comes with a 4925mAh (109.3 Wh ) Lithium-ion battery. A powerful battery delivers up to 35 minutes of non-stop cleaning.

Clean While You Clean

While you clean your floors, your brushes clean themselves. Start washing it with fresh, clean brushes throughout the whole clean.

No Cleaning After Cleaning

Push a button and transform your dirty rollers into clean ones. After cleaning, solid dirt is split from dirty water in the dirty tank.


Dual Water-Tank

Clean Tank: 850ml

Dirty Tank: 620ml



Clean smart, not hard

In a fight against tough stains, adaptive cleaning turns up suction and water automatically. In tandem, it tells you how dirty your floor is.

Voice Alerts

Forget memorizing error codes or digging out manuals. Just listen out for voice alerts that tell you what you need to do.

Advanced Digital Display

Stay informed with a digital display that puts everything you need to know a glance away.


Even Stronger Cleaning

Get stronger cleaning with the specially formulated Roborock floor cleaning solution.

*Roborock floor cleaning solution purchased separately.



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