SafeRest Thick Box Spring Encasement - Waterproof - Breathable, Noiseless and Vinyl Free

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Size: Full
Style: 9 Inches Depth
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Fabric Type Polyester
Closure Type Zipper
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash


About this item

  • Surrounds the box spring on all 6 sides with a durable high-grade polyester surface material
  • Exclusive Micro-Zipper technology.
  • 360 Secure zipper feature prevents accidental openings by sealing the end zipper traveler with a Velcro flap
  • Polyester

Exclusive 360° Velcro Flap with Micro-Zipper

SafeRest's patented zipper and enclosure completely seal your box spring on all six sides. The micro zipper also spans three sides of the encasement for easy installation and removal.

For peace of mind, the micro zipper's teeth are so small and tight that not even a stage I bed bug nymph can pass through. The secure velcro enclosure then seals off the end of the zipper traveler to ensure it can't accidentally pull back allowing bed bug to enter or escape.


Smooth Polyester Surface

To prevent the box spring encasement from making noise or retaining heat, SafeRest's designers created a proprietary smooth polyester resulting in a soft, high quality and durable material for the encasement.

Vinyl, phthalates and PVC Free Waterproof Breathable Membrane

Protect your box spring spring from fluid spills like sweat and urine with SafeRest's exclusive membrane layer. This unique design blocks any fluids from reaching the box spring while still allowing the box spring to breathe.

SafeRest's waterproof membrane is free of vinyl and PVC, phthalates or fire retardant chemical treatments. SafeRest box spring encasements are perfect for adults and children along with allergy and asthma sufferers.

SafeRest box spring encasements are designed to block allergens, bed bugs, fluids and dust mites

  • Protects against bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, perspiration, urine, and fluids
  • Soft, smooth, and noiseless polyester surface
  • Breathable membrane allows airflow while repelling liquids
  • Micro-zipper technology for the ultimate bed bug protection
  • 360° Secure design prevents accidental openings Surrounds and protects the box spring on all six sides
  • Completely waterproof and noiseless
  • Prevents bed bugs from entering or escaping

Easy Cleaning. ..Machine Washable


Machine-wash with your sheets using normal household detergents that do not contain bleach.


Tumble dry on low heat together with your bed sheets, towels or other clothing.

Do not iron and do not dry clean.

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